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What to Bring to My Meeting

When starting the Financial Planning process, or if anything has substantially changed in your financial landscape, these documents help ensure your discussion is accurate and meaningful:

Expenses - amount spent on expenses monthly OR annually (for your convenience, feel free to download and use this Expense Worksheet)
Paystubs - most recent paystub or earnings statements.
Financial Accounts - statements for all your financial accounts, including retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and the list of investments available in the 401(k) plan.
Bank Accounts - statements for all your bank accounts, including due dates for CDs.
Credit Cards - statements for credit cards not paid off in the previous month.
Pension Statements - information on pension amounts at retirement and the cost of living adjustment (COLA).
Mortgage Statement - showing dollar amount remaining on the loan, interest rate, monthly payment and years remaining on the loan.
Tax return - for the most recent year.
Social Security Statements - if you do not have a recent statement, you can get one from the Social Security Administration website.
Life Insurance Policies - original policy for term life insurance and the most recent annual statement for permanent life insurance policies with a cash value.
Employer Benefits - statements or handbook detailing the employer benefits.